Northwestern University Press, 2014 (Hardcover)

"[Miller's Book] is strongly argued and elegantly written. It should be read by anyone interested in Derrida's reception of Kant, or in determining Derrida's relevance to the discipline of philosophy of religion."

–Daniel J. Palumbo, The Pennsylvania State University

See full review here (pdf).

Bloomsbury, 2015 (Hardcover, Paperback, eBook)

"Miller's book navigates with impressive clarity the complex terrain of Kant's Religion, providing useful historical context along the way. The commentary itself is informed and reliable, helpfully enhanced by indications of the continuing relevance of many of Kant's central concerns. The result is a very clearly written book that will be unusually useful in many different teaching settings."

–Gordon E. Michalson, New College of Florida


"The chief advantage of a fourth recent work on Religion, Miller's (2015) Reader's Guide, is that it is very short–an especially fortuitous feature because the author adopts the old (and increasingly outdated) reductionist interpretation of Kant's Religion, which should have been laid to rest by SP-1992 and PCR [two of Palmquist's publications], two of many relevant secondary works that Miller simply ignores. His book appeared only after the final manuscript of the present work had already been submitted, so I was unable to include significant responses to it within the main text. Suffice it to say that Miller's work is bound to mislead a new generation of students and teacher's of Kant's Religion, if it is not read with a keenly critical eye, as a good example of how not to interpret Kant."

–Stephen Palmquist, Hong Kong Baptist University